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Update: International Generic Indicators (IGIs)


To facilitate the implementation of the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5 (P&C V5), the FSC Board of Directors instructed the FSC Secretariat to develop a set of International Generic Indicators (IGIs). These International Generic Indicators will serve as baseline requirements for the transfer of National and Regional Forest Stewardship Standards to the P&C V5. In regions currently without approved Standards, the IGIs will take the place of Certification Body Adapted Standards (i.e., Interim Standards). The IGIs will serve to ensure consistent application of the global P&C and that the intent of the P&C is met as National/Regional processes develop their respective Indicators. It is also expected that the IGIs will enable more efficient standards development processes at the national and regional levels.


The development of the International Generic Indicators is being carried out by a sub-chamber balanced Working Group. This means there are two representatives from each of the chambers of the FSC (environmental, economic and social), one from the South and one from the North. These 6 FSC members will guide the development and approval of the IGIs, and they form the “IGI Working Group”.

Technical Experts will be a resource to the Working Group, and are made up of regional representatives from each of FSC’s global regions and two representatives from Certification Bodies. Together, the IGI Working Group and the Technical Experts form the “IGI Group”.


The IGI Group was established in June 2012. Their first meeting took place in Bonn, Germany, from the 10 to the 13 of July 2012.

During this meeting, the Group worked in a ‘Zero Draft’ of the International Generic Indicators.

The second IGI Meeting took place in Bonn, from 3-5 October 2012. As a result of this meeting, and further work by the IGI Group, the first draft of the IGIs was developed and submitted for a 60-day public consultation period, from April to May 2013.

The Third IGI Meeting took place in Madrid from 3-7 June 2013, followed by a Fourth IGI Meeting in October 2013. These two meetings resulted in the second draft of the IGIs.

A new public consultation period will then take place, followed by a final IGI Meeting, scheduled for March 2014.

As a result of the process, a final draft of the International Generic Indicators will be submitted to the FSC Board of Directors for approval, around June 2014.

Malaysia’s involvement

Network Partners (NPs, i.e. FSC National Offices, FSC National Representatives and FSC National Focal Points) and Standards Development Groups (SDGs) can participate in the public consultations through the Regional Workshops that will take place in all regions during the public consultations.

Regional Representatives are currently participating and monitoring developments at Regional Workshops that will aim to develop a Transfer Matrix for each country and identify major gaps in its current National Standard(s) in relation to the FSC Principles and Criteria Version 5. Key regional and national issues that need to be raised and included in discussions as the IGIs are being developed will, in addition, be flagged at these workshops. Feedback on the IGIs submitted to public consultation will also be gathered and transmitted, through Regional Representatives, to the IGI Group. This is to ensure that the IGI Group takes all feedback into account as the next draft IGIs is developed.

More information

For more information and news, please visit the IGI website.

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