FSC Label Types

Do you know how to identify your FSC logos?

FSC logo and on-product labels are a globally trusted mark that guarantees that the products come from responsible sources. FSC certified products in the marketplace carry an FSC ‘check-tree’ logo.

IMPORTANT: Logos and on-product labels are FSC owned registered trademark. Only those with signed 
FSC Trademark license agreements who hold a valid license are allowed to use them. Any infringement of 
use is liable to legal action by FSC.

This section is dedicated to helping you identify the various types of FSC certified on-product labels. These are: FSC Pure, FSC Mixed and FSC Recycled.

Logos may sometimes also appear in these variations:

To ensure FSC’ credibility, it is essential that trademarks are used correctly. If you are keen on getting your products FSC certified and using the trademark, contact FSC International.