FSC Documents and Policies

A selection of reference materials on FSC National Standards Development are available below.

These documents are from the FSC website; made available here for ease of reference for Malaysian stakeholders. For a full list, visit the FSC website.

Policies and Standards
First Public Consultation on the FSC International Generic Indicators (IGI) (1 March 2013 – 30 April 2013)
FSC-STD-01-004: FSC International Generic Indicators (Draft 1-0). Details on feedback methodology available here.

Current Version
FSC-STD-01-001: FSC Principle and Criteria (Version 5)

Previous Version
FSC-STD-01-001: FSC Principle and Criteria (Version 4)

Other key Policies and Standards
FSC-STD-60-006: Process Requirements for the Development of National Standards
FSC-STD-60-002: Structure and content for National Standards
FSC-STD-20-002: Structure, content and local adaptation
FSC-STD-01-002: Glossary of Terms
FSC-STD-01-003: SLIMF Eligibility Criteria
FSC-STD-01-003a: SLIMF Eligibility Criteria Addendum
FSC-POL-01-004: Policy for the Association of Organization with FSC
FSC-POL-30-401: FSC Certification and ILO Conventions
FSC-POL-20-002: Partial Certification of Large Ownership
FSC-POL-20-003: The Excision of Areas from the Scope of Certification
FSC-POL-01-001: Pilot Testing of Draft Standards
FSC-POL-30-602: Interpretation of GMOS

Guidance Notes
FSC-GUI-60-004: Structure, content and suggested indicators
FSC-GUI-30-004: Guidance on FSC P2 and P3
FSC-GUI-30-001: Pesticides Policy Guidance on Implementation

Advice Notes
FSC-ADV-30-901: Interpretation of Criterion 9.2
FSC-ADV-31-001: Interpretation of Criterion 10.9

FSC-PRO-01-004: Processing Pesticide Derogation Applications