FSC Certificate Holders in Malaysia

FSC certificates are awarded for three categories: (1) Forest Management, (2) Chain of Custody and (3) Controlled Wood

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Forest management (FM) certification
Forest managers or owners who want to prove that their forest operation are socially beneficial and managed in an environmentally appropriate and economically viable manner can apply for forest management (FM) certification.

Chain of custody certification
FSC chain of custody certification verifies FSC certified forest products through the production chain. FSC chain of custody (CoCcertification is for companies that manufacture, process or trade in timber or non-timber forest products and want to demonstrate to their customers that they use responsibly produced raw materials. FSC chain of custody helps companies to strengthen their sourcing policies and comply with public or private procurement policies where FSC is the preferred option.

FSC Controlled Wood
Forest Management companies that comply with the five FSC Controlled Wood criteria will be able to supply FSC Controlled Wood to FSC Chain of Custody operations. FSC Controlled Wood supports the production of FSC Mixed Sources by providing FSC certified companies with tools to control the non-FSC certified wood in their product groups to avoid the wood produced in socially and environmentally most damaging ways.

A full list of certificate holders is updated and maintained by FSC. For details, please refer to the FSC International website.

FSC Forest Management Certificate Holders in Malaysia
No Organisation State Area (ha) Certificate Code License Issue Date Expiry Date
1 Sabah Softwoods Berhad Sabah 25,919.44 SCS-FM/COC-00101P FSC-C010070 29.10.2012 28.10.2017
2 Pesama Timber Corporation Sdn Bhd Terengganu 20243.00 SCS-FM/COC-004167 FSC-C110572 10.12.2012 09.12.2017
3 Kumpulan Pengurusan Kayu Kayan Terengganu Sdn. Bhd. (KPKKT) Terengganu 108,900.00 SCS-FM/COC-00108N SCS-FM/COC-00108N 21.04.2008 21.04.2013
4 Hijauan Bengkoka Plantations Sdn Bhd Sabah 15,642.33 SCS-FM/COC-00142P FSC-C102419 22.10.2010 21.10.2015
5 Asiaprima RCF Sdn Bhd Pahang 4,882.00 SCS-FM/COC-00087P FSC-C008270 29.10.2010 29.10.2015
6 Sabah Forestry Department FMU 17A Sabah 50,070.00 SCS-FM/COC-00136N FSC-C102360 01.06.2011 31.05.2016
7 Sabah Forestry Department- USM FMU Sabah 241,198.00 SCS-FM/COC-00141N FSC-C102420 13.06.2011 12.06.2016


FSC Controlled Wood Certificate Holders in Malaysia
No Organisation State Area (ha) Certificate Code License No Issue Date Expiry Date
1 Sabah Forest Industries Sdn Bhd   c              vvc Sabah 107,053.00 SW-CW/FM-004704 FSC-C012542 23.2.2010 22.2.2015
2 Sabah Softwoods Berhad Sabah g           u      g 5,616.44 SCS-CW/FM-00133P FSC-C104828 26.2.2011 25.2.2016
FSC Chain of Custody (CoC) Certificate Holders in Malaysia
Link to a full list of CoC Certificate holders in Malaysia is available here