Message From The Chair


Welcome to the website of Forest Sustainability (Malaysia).

This is a multi-stakeholder platform for the reader to gain insight into the efforts of a truly representative group of Malaysian people and organizations towards a single goal – bringing a global forest certification scheme into our country.

It is a site targeted at each and every Malaysian who has a stake in our country’s forests.

This really means every single Malaysian — from the governments entrusted with managing our forests for all its functions and benefits it brings to our country, to the everyday citizens of Malaysia who depend on our forests for clean air, clean water and a rich natural heritage that we are proud of.

Companies that help Malaysia extract and use the products our forests provide are vital stakeholders, as are the organizations that strive to bring social benefits and justice to communities that depend on our forests. And there are also those organizations that care for our wild life… both plants and animals, for posterity.

Together, we are the Malaysian stakeholders. It is us who have collectively created this organization, Forest Sustainability (Malaysia), or FSM. The primary purpose of FSM is to facilitate the eventual availability of the Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certification scheme in Malaysia.

This website provides all the information on what is being done to deliver a Malaysian adapted, FSC-endorsed set of forest certification standards in this country. It also serves to inform all interested parties on FSC in Malaysia. But that is not all.

It is also a clarion call to all Malaysian stakeholders, who seek to support, contribute and be a part of this national effort. Please check out our donors and partners section to see those Malaysian companies that are part of this effort, and hopefully, you will be inspired to come on board and support the FSC certification scheme in Malaysia.

Dr. Sundari  A/P Ramakrishna
Chairman, Board of Directors
Forest Sustainability (Malaysia), FSM